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In 2002, Caleb and Angelo met in an English class as freshmen in high school . Angelo, from Dallas, had aspirations as a painter. His love for listening to music led him to start learning guitar. Caleb, a Corpus Christi native, was raised by a musician mother and played drums since age 11. In addition he had extensive choral training. The two instantly connected over a love for catchy music with artistic integrity.

After fifteen years of lineup changes, writing and recording original material, garage jam sessions, and spotty live appearances, they posted an ad for a new lead guitarist. A promising response came from a teenager still in high school named Kris. A natural at guitar, and a young person with the oft-lauded “old soul,” Kris instantly fit in. We are The Mistics!

Meet The Band

kris [black & white]


Lead Guitar / Vocals
angelo [black & white]


Vocals / Guitars
caleb [black & white]2


Drums / Vocals


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